Teachastic is about:

  • Making people more innovative and creative through visible targeted training and education
  • Creating a stronger innovation and -creativity culture in our school system
  • Use powerful tools for entrepreneurship and enterprise (ex CSR) to strengthen each students desire and joy for innovative learning
  • The ability to communicate and market its messages in an authentic manner that creates responsiveness and performance – even in an exam situation
  • Listen even more to colleagues and to our environment
  • Meeting the now with increased attention and curiosity

Teachastic believes that we humans develop our skills the best, in communities full of confidence and positive energy. We believe that man possesses many talents and skills, which specifically helped us to develop the best possible way to benefit both the individual and society as a whole.

I have a hands-on approach to reality, and I want to help others to become even better at thinking and acting innovative, entrepreneurial and value-based in the future. It is learning and the visible signs for learning and the way we teach – that is in focus.

History has shown us that what has developed the Danish society and solved our challenges so far, in all its simplicity is:

  • Communities that create jointly and persistently commit themselves to the common good – I will in this context call it PARTNERSHIPS.
  • Deep insight into the areas to be developed – I call it KNOWLEDGE.
  • Feeling for those who must be coupled with those who will – this I will call COUPLINGS.

The company's focus is innovation, entrepreneurship and authentic teaching. 

It is therefore also my focus in relation to social responsibility – to make a difference where I believe that it can have the greatest positive impact.

My desire to take social responsibility, have translated into three concrete actions:

I hold an annual series of lectures without being paid. It is in connection with educational events – especially creative teaching and typical of schools, day care centers, charities and the like.

Responsibility, reaching out to others.

Teachastic has found its focus and priorities.

Teachastic is a small business. I cannot do it all. Therefore, CSR is a large and difficult area to focus on when you only have so little time and resources available.

For the same reason, it is essential to contribute to, where one can make the biggest difference.

I have worked in this area for a number of years and I was one of the people behind the organization “Fighting For Lives Denmark”, a subsidiary of the International Fighting For Lives organization where martial arts instructors worldwide supports and organizes fundraising events.

Annual fundraising event. The event will focus on a case that makes sense to connect with my name and identity. At the same time it must raise money, and I cannot earn anything at the event.

Association work. I hold a place in a variety of voluntary associations within my specialties, where I am helping to give young people valuable feedback and sparring. As well as training in martial arts, conflict management, life-coping etc. All this work is unpaid.

Meet the Teachastic team. A dedicated educator and professional, passionate about learning.

Thorbjoern Hartelius

Founder of Teachastic

Teachastic works for both small and large schools, danish and abroad, private schools, local authorities and public institutions.

I have a background as a school teacher, high school teacher, entrepreneur, chief instructor, national team coach, magician, business developer, team builder and training officer. My former employers include one independent school, two elementary schools, one high school, one Danish sport federation, one national sports team as well as several sports federations and clubs.

I have extensive experience in facilitating both creative processes, team building events, Innovation camps, networking events, entrepreneurship and enterprising seminars that inspire schools, communities and government organizations to rethink.

I have worked with innovation and creativity during the past 20 years and helped to create and implement various Danish creativity & innovation models in both free school - elementary school and high school level.

I am an ambassador for Scientix.eu - Scientix is a platform for science teaching in Europe.

My strength is' hands on' experience with practical innovation both in the classroom, in the office and on the production process.

For further info look into the my CV - at LinkedIn

As an independent, I have started a number of businesses - including Martin's father, who was an active magician in Denmark, including employment at Hamleys, Magasin, Aarhus, DK.
Knifeman.dk that educates in active conflict management and provide training in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Italy

Finally, I am the chairman and Grandmaster of the Danish Arnis Federation and former European champion in the Filipino martial art of Arnis

I am personally driven by the desire to combine brain and heart. This applies to both private - and in my career where I constantly try to ensure authenticity and consistency between my attitudes and actions.

I live my life by the mantra "it's the way you teach".