The experience of one of our live talks or workshops makes an impression, but don’t take our word for it. Here are what some of our clients had to say.

We had invited Thorbjoern for an educational day, and had two particular purpose for his visit. The Staff Group would be brought closer together through the encounter with something exciting, new and unknown, while our ambition was that each of our educational staff members should go back home with the experience of learning something new that they had never thought to be possible. Both succeeded. The Personnel Group came a little closer together, and all participants had their boundraies pushed further of what you thought you could achieve

Niels Kridal, Headmaster, Soevind School. Denmark

At Noergaards Folk High School, we have continuously used Thorbjorn to make self-defense workshops for our entire groups of students.

As a teacher of the Filipino martial arts of arnis and as a visiting lecturer in body awareness of our actor students, Thorbjoern quickly captures his audience through his pleasant attendance and his huge professional surplus. And regardless of the size of the group, he is really excellent at reaching out to everyone. His rather exotic catalog of both large and decidedly marginal martial arts gives an additional dimension, as shown may not be available elsewhere

Jesper Trier Gissel, responsible for the actor line, Noergaards College

We, at the integrated institution Grass hill, has used Thorbjoern Hartelius 2 times during the past, to entertain our children while the parents voted for the internal parents council in our institution

Grass hill is an age-integrated institution with 52 children aged 1- to 6 years.

Thorbjoern has by his magic show managed to capture all the children and he involved many of the children directly into the show giving them many different tasks

Birthe Due Karlsson, Pedagogical leader, Grass hill

We had a visit from” Nick’s brother “for our annual Christmas party in Lyseng Sports Centre.

They were magic and magic for children, present, surprising both children and adults shrugged laughter muscles. A show with the kids in the center, they are on stage, they are allowed to mingle, are helpers mm. In short, a different and engaging magic show. We call for Martin’s father again

Jan Kolling, Support Association 8270